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Robotic mowing is a quiet, zero emissions, and low operating cost solution that keeps turf perfectly cut. Because it’s always mowing, it cuts the grass in small increments mulching grass and making a greener lawn! 

Solutions for all properties.

Charging Station

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Plugs into an average outlet and charges the robot when needed. 

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Guide Wire 

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An underground wire helps navigate the robot to its charging station.


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The robot will sense the obstacle, slow down and lightly bump into it sending it in a new direction.

Irregular Mow Patterns

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The robot mows in irregular mow patterns. Statistically, it will hit all parts of the lawn on a regular basis that you wont see any growth!

Boundary Wire

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The Perimeter wire which tells the robot what area to mow inside.

Rob Landers : Glen-ED Soccer Club Robotic Lawn Mower RTK update for pattern | ECHO Robotics
Automate the management of your driving range with a robotic mower
The Club at IBIS

Recent Installs by AOS & Industry Partners

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Are the robots safe?
    The mowers have various safety features including sensors which stop the movement and blades if picked up. The far distance between the blades and the shell prohibit any feet or hands to be caught underneath. More so, when the robot reaches an obstacle it turns the other direction.
  • How is it priced?
    Prices vary based on acreage due to battery size. To book a free consultation, click the button below: Homeowners have two options: 1) Buy the unit outright with install included 2) Lease the robot on a monthly basis
  • Is it loud?
    The machine is around 60 decibels. That is the sound of a quiet conversation!
  • How is it installed
    We install a low frequency wire (similar to a invisible dog fence) to help the robot navigate the area. We then configure the machine and it gets mowing. With certain property configurations, we now can install mowers without an underground wire. With this configuration, we will install an RTK receiver either on a post or high up on your house or building
  • What happens to the grass clippings?
    The robot cuts in tiny increments and allows the clippings to be fertilized back into the lawn. This adds more nitrogen and water into the soil and makes a greener lawn.
  • How long does it take to mow?
    It depends on the specific model and lot size. We generally size our installations so that the lawn can be fully mowed in a day.
  • Can they operate in the dark and in rain?
    Of course! Rain and darkness is no problem.
  • How does it charge?
    The product is installed with a charging station that the robot goes back to when needed. It is plugged into a standard 110v outdoor outlet.
  • What happens in the winter?
    The robot and station should be moved to in a climate controlled environment until spring.
  • How does it work?
    Robotic Mowers are installed by either putting a low frequency wire around the perimeter of the lawn or installing a localized RTK receiver and installing a charging station for power. The robot will then mow in consistently. AOS offers both lease and purchase options.

Industry Partners:

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